The basic techniques of the descender

Captive fitting:

The symmetrical shape of the SFD8 allows it to be always ready to use and to be set up in "captive" mode. Remember: "swallow the slack" before passing the rope through the carabiner.

Other set-ups:

In certain situations, mainly during a descent on a double rope, it is preferable to iron the descent rope (s) in an annexing carabiner, rather than using the "NORMAL VERTACO" assembly.

Waiting position:

The STANDING POSITION is a basic technique. This allows you to release ONE hand temporarily: to relax, pass a deviation .... Warning !!!! : always keep the lower string in the other hand.

The classic stop key:

Achieving a KEY was until now reserved for experienced practitioners. The SFD8 allows you to learn a stopping technique from the first sessions with the so-called "classic" key, simple and reliable, allowing you to free both hands. Video 1 presents the assembly. Video 2 presents the disassembly The plus: the length of rope required to make a key is reduced by more than 50%: Classic keys: approx 120 cm / SFD8 key: approx 40 cm.

The double stop key:

In the presence of a small diameter rope and / or a high person weight, it may be necessary to carry out a "DOUBLE KEY".


The act of lounging consists of removing the safety lanyard from the mooring before beginning an abseiling. Video 1 presents a basic stretching with stable supports from the feet to the ground. Video 2 presents a "delicate stretching": as soon as the configuration presents risks of slipping and / or the need to use two hands. In these situations, it is advisable to carry out a Key in order to be able to relax in complete safety. By simplifying the realization of the "Stop Key", the SFD8 allows this technique to become a safety reflex within the reach of all.