Basic equipment techniques

Single wildcard:

The single joker is a basic equipment technique, allowing the installation of a "disengageable" assembly on a "single" abseiling rope (ie one person descends on single strand of rope) (See video 1).

This assembly is particularly suitable during a water descent requiring a quick release and / or when arriving in a basin where it is necessary to disengage quickly (the strand of bottom rope is in this case "adjusted above the water ").

However, this technique is increasingly used also in a non-aquatic environment because of the comfort and safety it provides.

In the event of the person being blocked during the descent, this assembly will allow them to be released (See video 2)

Attention !!!! in the event of a "declutching" with arrival in a basin with water movements, the team member risks tangling their feet in the rope, which represents a danger. Possible solution: see loop techniques

Alternative wildcard:

The alternative Joker allows the installation of a disengageable "alternative" assembly (that is to say that two people can descend simultaneously each on a strand of rope).

If a person is blocked during the descent, it will be necessary to wait until the other strand is free to be able to release it. In this context, this technique should only be used during reminders with little or no water, it being understood that the blocked person must wait.

In addition, this assembly does not allow adjustment of the two strands "above the water", so it is not suitable for an arrival in a basin and / or with water movements.

This technique, very simple to acquire (this is a variant of the previous one) allows you to significantly optimize the group's progression time.

Dismantling of Joker techniques:

For these two techniques (simple and alternative wildcard) the dismantling of the system is the same. Only the configuration of the terrain allows you to decide which technique to use for the descent of the last one.

  • If the descent presents no risk in the event of a blockage:

The last team member uses the double descent (see Video).

  • If the descent presents risks:

The last team member will ask for a "loop" technique

The "loop" techniques make it possible to secure the descent of the last team member either through the installation of a "disengageable from the bottom" or a "guided rappelling".

The disengageable from the bottom allows, in the event of a blockage, to release the person from the bottom. The guided reminder, in addition to a possibility of escape, deflects the descent of the team member from a dangerous zone.

As with the two wild cards, these two techniques are just one variation of the other.

Note: Generally used during the descent of the last one, the fact remains that these techniques can be implemented for the whole group, as soon as the first team member has reached the bottom of the vertical.