Advanced descender techniques

Quick installation:

Setting up the SFD8 in "fast" mode is an assembly reserved for particular situations. Braking is less important and therefore requires perfect user control. This assembly is more particularly recommended during guided reminders and "self-propellers". On "single" rope, the quick assembly associated with the "Vertaco" is one of the most used assemblies by experienced practitioners.

TGV assembly:

This assembly which is an application of the rapid assembly is used in large verticals; when the weight of the rope is too great at the start and does not allow an easy descent. This weight decreasing during the descent, it becomes necessary to adapt the braking. Variant: it is possible to position the last carabiner in the top hole, but we lose the ability to make a simple key.

"Auto-pendulum" stretching:

Lengthening without support by Auto Balancier Usually, the lack of support for the feet during the relaxation makes the exercise technical and physical. The SFD8 allows the realization of a simple and efficient BALANCING AUTO.

Stop & Go editing:

The SFD8 allowed an evolution of the "Italian" assembly through the "STOP & GO" Descent By using the "free end" of the SFD8 as a handle, it is possible to descend by pushing it. In a very vertical or overhanging situation, pressure on a pedal positioned on the small hole "rope side" may sometimes be necessary to facilitate the disengagement of the ascent device. The Stop and Go allows the realization of all the so-called "ascent" techniques. Italian "and" Quick Conversion ".

Tandem zipline:

The SDF8 allows you to progress on a zip line in Tandem mode. This arrangement avoids the usual "twist" caused by the use of a single pulley. In addition, this technique brings the possibility of choosing different braking.

Guided reminder:

The use of the SDF8 on guided reminder, brings downhill comfort and extreme simplicity of installation.

String assembly:

The use of small diameter cords is developing. This type of practice should be reserved for experienced practitioners. Video: Installation of a brake assembly and realization of a stop key